international sock exchange fund

Keep It Complex will be asking people in Passau to give a donation of around £5 for a sock.

The money collected (around € 500) will form the international sock exchange fund (ISEF)

The 100 people or organisations who are taking part in the international sock exchange will be eligible to access the ISEF to fund training and capacity building. The money must be used to support existing infrastructures and sustain people’s involvement in art, politics and activism.

The ISEF can be used to fund

  • Fees or travel to attend workshops or training relating to the artistic, activist or political activity.

For example: You would like to go to a workshop on decision making by consent, but you can’t afford to take the day off work.

  • Services or assets that help you sustain your existing artistic, activist or political activity, for example: alternative health care and mental health support, conversations, non-office based team meetings, childcare or respite care.

For example: You experience some tension in your group and are all exhausted, but you think a team meeting held at the local steam bath would revive everybody.

  • Financial and housing advisory services as well as strategic advisory services including mentoring and advice on improving accessibility.

For example: You would like to pay somebody to give you advice on how to make your events more accessible to people with hearing impairments.

In September 2019, two members of Keep It Complex and three other appointed ISEF decision makers will be joined by any other sock exchange partners who would like to be decision makers, to decide who should receive money from this fund. The decision will be justified and published here.