How does the International Sock Exchange work?

The International Sock Exchange is a sock exchange between 100 artists, activists, curators, designers, politicians and the people of Passau.

Keep It Complex have chosen 100 people or organisations who will each receive one sock. We have subjectively chosen the people on this list because we critically value their work, we enjoy talking about them and we feel they are working towards a better Europe with fewer borders, less poverty, racism, sexism and fear.

The other sock of the pair will go to somebody in Passau, a town in South Germany. We will have a stall in the pedestrian zone in Passau to talk to people about the International Sock Exchange.

Why Passau?

Because the Europaeische Festspiele in Passau have invited us to do a project with them.

Sprecht Ihr auch Deutsch?

Ja! Hier finden Sie mehr Informationen über das Projekt in Deutsch.

Where can I get a sock?

Find us in the pedestrian zone in Passau at the Piazza beim Stadtturm, Nibelungenplatz 1, from the 28th June to 3rd July 2019, from 2pm – late.

Is the sock free?

You will be encouraged to give a donation of around 5€ in exchange for the sock, which we’ll use to start an International Sock Exchange Fund.

Who are Keep It Complex?

Keep It Complex are a group of artists, curators, designers and cultural workers. The group formed during the EU referendum in 2016. You can find out more about our work on www.makeitclear.eu

Who designed the socks?

The International Sock Exchange logo has been designed by graphic design studio Europa. This website was co-designed with An Endless Supply.

What has art and politics got to do with socks?

Nothing really. We thought it would be funny to do something with socks. Especially in the summer. Germans love socks and sandals, right?

But why are you doing this?

Well, we are trying to do a budget version of what Steve Bannon is doing, but instead of connecting the far-right, we want to create support networks for people who want an open Europe.

I have got a sock, what now?!?

Wear it! We hope you’ll have lots of conversations with people about your strange single sock:

“Why don’t your socks match up?”

“Because I want a better Europe!”

If you use social media, post a picture of your sock with the hashtag #Internationalsockexchange #sockexchange or #KeepitComplex. Tag @KeepItComplex and we’ll try to connect you with your partner sock.

Please note: If you are sending us images of you and your socks, via email, Twitter or Instagram they will be shared on this website and our social media feeds to publicise the project. If you would like us to delete them, please contact us. We will not share your original images with a third party and we will delete them once the project is over.

But I’m not on social media!

Mail us an oil painting of you and your sock: keepitcomplex2016@gmail.com

I have been wearing the sock and constantly get asked why I’m wearing two different socks ?! How can I explain this project to them?

Tell them you’re wearing this sock to remind you that another Europe is possible. You could also tell them about the other person or organisation who is now connected with you through this sock-share. You’ll find detailed information about who is wearing the other sock in your pair on the label.

I can’t wear socks, can I still take part?

Yes of course. Email us and we will send you an alternative: Keepitcomplex2016@gmail.com

Can I wash the sock?

Yes, please do wash them. The socks were embroidered by 1831 at DIY space for London and they are washable, just like any other sock.